Dear Collectors & Admirers,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that our beautiful Svetlana has lost her battle to cancer this year. As you most know, she was an incredibly talented and popular Contemporary artist. We are all deeply saddened and will miss her terribly. Her spirit will live on through her paintings, and with only & limited collection left, we wanted to offer you the first look at the remaining collection. Proceeds will benefit her family overseas and continue to help her loved ones. Finding good homes and bringing joy to people through her work was always a top priority for Svetlana and we know how much she truly appreciated each and every one of you for your love and support.

Artist Statement:

“My name is Svetlana, and I am an artist, a self-taught artist. I am a daughter, sister, wife, friend, and owner of Bella & Marcel, two lively, Black and Tan Coonhounds. At 22-years old, an opportunity arose for me to live in America; my life dramatically changed when I moved from Russia to the United States. I left behind my family, friends, the country where I was born and grew up. I was on the way to the land of opportunities, learning a new language, exploring Americans’ lifestyles, and discovering an unfamiliar continent.

On the path to fulfilling my dream of becoming a full-time artist, I ran into many challenges with twists and turns. I had to learn and adapt to a new way of living in a foreign country (which later became my home) by doing jobs in different fields to build the life I envisioned for myself. There were rough first years, difficult times, easy and contented moments, many hours of hard work, days of experimenting and creating, glimpses of success, pretty much everything. I had a passion for art since I was a child, but being a self-taught artist, I was hesitant at first to share my creativity. Deep inside, I knew nothing would stop me from following and reaching my dream. By having a positive outlook on life, I also knew success would come if I continue to pursue my desire and move into a direction I have set for myself.

After a time, I was fortunate to meet a flourishing, successful artist, an art collector, and a gallery owner who helped me tremendously. This artist recognized my artistic talents & encouraged me not to wait any longer and reveal my creative vision to the world. I finally decided to take that big step to unveil my creations and concentrate entirely on my true passion – creating art. Art brings and breathes life into me. I feel the moment when I create; it’s therapeutic and healing, no rushing thoughts, worries, only me and my vision.
Why abstract figures, you will ask?

In my teen years, I expressed an interest in philosophy and psychology; humans and their behavior got my attention. I am fascinated by how similar we are, yet at the same time, we are so uniquely different. If we take time to look closer, we can see an eccentric inside each of us. It’s on the surface, visible right away in some of us, and in others, we need to spend time digging deeper to see – to vision, but it’s there.

It influenced me to transform this knowledge and express it into my figures. My interpretation of human figures might appear identical, although that is like comparing snowflakes; at first glance, they look similar and only in extreme close-ups; you will see that there are no two alike. You will notice that I use torn passages, in Hebrew, Italian, French and Latin, from over 100-year old books and magazines in some of my figures. They are easily recognizable throughout my work. The combination of “old” and “new” makes the artwork more intriguing. The collaboration of both creates a unique visual for the viewers. I also incorporate various visually intriguing layers of intricate textures and mixed media into my figurative painting.

Growing up, I spent all my summers, weekends, and holidays at my grandmother’s house – in the countryside. Most of my days were outdoors, working in the garden, taking care of household animals and birds, for fun – riding horses, exploring green fields, picking apples and wild strawberries, tree climbing, watching sunrises and sunsets, and so much more. Nature became my silent, breathing, and living friend who later inspired me for my abstract artwork.

After many days of research and experimenting, I have developed the unique texture technique that I apply to create my minimalistic paintings. To achieve the result, I have to follow specific steps; the order of application is crucial and can not be changed. Precise time and temperature play a significant role in this process. Minimalistic abstract works have an organic appeal that is elegant in its simplicity; subtle, intriguing details will reveal the closer you get and are way more complex than viewers realize. The feel of nature is present; crackle glazing effects create a well-balanced array of emotions.

In some of my latest pieces, you can see the elephant, who takes “center stage” and becomes a vital point in the artwork. I have never seen an Elephant, only as a child in my dream, which I still vividly remember somehow. After reading about them, I was in disbelief at how intelligent and wise they are; they express some of the same emotions as humans do; joy, love, grief, stress, and compassion. It inspired me to make them a focal point in some of my artworks.

I would like you to acquire my art because it speaks to you, touches your life, reminds you of a particular journey or experience, or simply brings a smile to your face.