Born and raised in a working class family in Efremov, Russia in 1973, Svetlana Shalygina grew up sketching and painting the vast Russian landscape during which time she developed a deep interest in poetry, music, literature and classical art. Pursuing her desire to become an artist she travelled to Moscow, St Petersburg and other major cities of Europe to broaden her knowledge, absorbing the wider scope of Contemporary Expressionism whilst combining her appreciation for Classical Art. In her early twenties an opportunity arose for her to live in America and leaving her cultural roots behind, she accepted the challenge. Early days in the ‘Big Apple’ were extremely difficult and eventually she settled in Arizona where her artistic talents were discovered & encouraged by a flourishing fellow artist and her creative vision was realized.

Svetlana’s distinctive  paintings must be seen “in the flesh” to be properly and wholly appreciated. They possess an incredible texture and color which evokes the natural ecology of our planet. Crackle glazing effects excite the consciousness and visions of parched water courses and thirsty salt-pans awaiting the onrush of a headwaters stream in full flood. Notwithstanding their energy and force, the art dynamic is exquisitely tasteful with a refined and contemporary color palette which is as fashionably chic and expertly crafted. Her approach to creating her work is quite unique, most definitely one-of a kind and way more complex than viewers realize. Besides her own control of the process, most of it involves the nature’s own hand. The brilliantly finished organic like results depend on the temperatures both day times and night time, reaction with oxygen including precise timing and application of her personally developed secret mixtures.

This artists monochromatic and minimalistic abstract works are often compared to an orchestra and a symphony. The subtle, intriguing details are revealed the closer you get. Each playing it’s own part, and working together to create a well balanced array of emotions for a listener. The work has an organic appeal that is elegant in its simplicity. Her unique figurative paintings earned her a mark in the art world and gained attention from collectors worldwide.

With two distinct styles to offer, Svetlanas art continues to find placement in high-end residential homes across the United States and Internationally. Svetlana’s status and abstract art reputation is being increasingly appreciated by New York interior designers who make the long journey to Arizona to place multiple commissions for their celebrity clientele. Now a very busy professional artist, Svetlana Shalygina’s works are represented by Fine Art galleries throughout the United States and United Kingdom.